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Western Martial Arts (WMA) Books
From German longsword to Italian rapier, from the middle ages to the Renaissance and beyond, Freelance Academy Press is committed to offer the best Western martial arts (WMA) books available.


Our authors are the leading researchers in their historical fencing and martial arts area, and their knowledge and passion shines through the pages of their books. Whether you study medieval or Renaissance martial arts, longsword, sword and buckler, rapier, smallsword or Classical fencing, Freelance brings you the WMA books that will make a difference in your understanding of historical European martial arts.


Discover the historical fencing treatises - There is a thriving International community that studies and practices historical European martial arts, based on a growing body of knowledge of ancient swordsmanship and martial arts treatises written centuries ago. Freelance Academy Press books bring you these historical fencing treatises in exciting, plainly-written translations, interpretations and curricula that will greatly enhance your grasp of our martial heritage.


Learn Western martial arts - How did knights and men-at-arms fight? How did they use their various weapons--the longsword, the sword and buckler, the rapier, the many polearms? How did they wrestle? Freelance Academy Press’ Western martial arts books answer all these questions and more. Most importantly, they convey that these ancient fighting arts can be learned today, and they show you how.


Experience the ancient fighting arts - Freelance does much more than offer you WMA books. It also offers you the opportunity to interact with the authors, watch free videos and interviews on historical fencing and martial arts, and get free downloads of original or translated historical fencing treatises. Plus, watch our “News” page to learn when and where the next major International historical swordsmanship event takes place, so that you have a chance to meet and interact with our authors.

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