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   Ukemi From the Ground Up - DVD


Price: $32.95
Item Number: EA0001
Author(s): Ellis Amdur
Running time: 80 min
Features: NTSC, Color, DVD-R
Region: 0 (international)
Language: English

This DVD offers a step-by-step procedure to learn and/or instruct safe aikido ukemi. Whether entirely new to the art, or desiring to retool one's skills, the methods here will enable any reasonably fit practitioner to be able to take falls in aikido (and other similar arms-length grappling systems) safely. The methods here are definitely not merely to assist in learning how to collude with the person executing the technique these methods enable one to be prepared and able to gracefully manage both the malevolent and the inept as well as skilled practitioner executing ordinary technique.

Ellis Amdur Sensei’s DVD offers good, basic instruction on falling techniques that are common to aikido practice. Amdur’s presentation emphasizes protecting yourself, especially when techniques are applied to you, forcefully and at times, with disregard for your safety.  I recommend Ukemi from the Ground Up as a primer that will help you to position yourself to avoid injury during practice.”

— Bruce Bookman, founder
Tenzan Aikido, Seattle, Washington

If I had the benefit of this method of training 20 or 30 years ago, I believe that I would not have incurred most of the injuries I’ve gotten taking ukemi.

— Dennis Hooker, 6th Dan
Director of the Shindai Dojo
Orlando Florida


About the Author: Ellis Amdur has been involved in the study of martial traditions for nearly five decades. He is a licensed instructor in two koryu (classical Japanese martial traditions), the Araki-ryu and the Toda-ha Buko-ryu. He also trained in Muay Thai in Tokyo’s Koei Gym, Judo with Tokai University’s high school team, and continues ongoing study in a variety of martial arts, most recently Don Gulla’s Arrestling.

Mr. Amdur has been associated with aikido for approximately forty years, most intensely with Terry Dobson, Kuroiwa Yoshio and Kuwamori Yasunori. He is well-known for seminars focusing on the essence of ukemi (receiving techniques), atemi (hitting body techniques), and kaeshiwaza (counters).

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