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   Persian Fire and Steel
   Historical Firearms of Iran

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Item Number: NIL000002
ISBN: 978-3-00-061302-9
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" Color Hardback
Pages: 258 pp.
Published: Nov 2018
Publisher: Niloufar Books
This first of its kind book presents a thorough and detailed analysis of the introduction and development of historical firearms in Iran. The present book is a result of years of study on historical Persian manuscripts on firearms making, classification and usage and as well as an analysis of the Persian firearms kept in the Military Museum of Tehran. These artifacts are described, analyzed and presented in the catalogue by showcasing magnificent colored pictures of 100 artifacts which belonged to the personal royal collection of Nassereddin Shah Qajar. The chapter "Persian Manuscripts on Firearms" offers a complete translation, annotation and explanation of three important Persian manuscripts on firearms from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The second part of the book has a catalogue describing and showcasing 112 examples of Persian firearms with colored pictures. These consist of matchlock muskets, flintlock muskets and percussion cap muskets , flintlock pistols and percussion cap pistols, bronze and iron cannons (11 examples), swivel guns (4 examples), mortars (2 examples), howitzers (3 examples) and gun accessories (10 examples of gunpowder and primer flasks, and gunpowder measure). The first part of the book has 220 pictures accompanying the text. The catalogue has over 400 colored pictures on 112 historical arms and armor from Iran. 100 items are from the Military Museum of Tehran (Saa'd Abad Palace Museum) and 12 items from the Military Historical Museum of Artillery in St. Petersburg (Russian Federation).

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