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   1381 - The Peel Affinity
   An English Knight's Household in the 14th Century

Price: $29.95
Item Number: SHP000001
ISBN: 978-0-9800726-0-0
Dimensions: 9" x 12" Hardcover
Pages: 176 pp.
Published: 2008
Publisher: Shumacher Publishing
1381: The Peel Affinity builds a portrait of a world long lost, using gorgeous photographs filled with carefully researched and reconstructed clothing, tools, armor, furnishings, and other items, all based closely on surviving artefacts, manuscript illustrations, and paintings. The text draws extensive details from historical accounts, records, chronicles, and literature, as well as modern historical and archaeological research. All this potentially dull and dusty detail is brought to vibrant life with a narrative that follows an English knight and family, his servants, officials and tenants, associates and soldiers through a year in their lives.
The Peel Affinity represents the culmination of years of work by La Belle Compagnie. Founded in 1992, La Belle is a group of independent scholars and history enthusiasts committed to the presentation of history through the medium of "living history." La Belle Compagnie has worked with schools, civic groups, museums, and other organizations to bring a bit of the past to life and has won numerous awards for its presentations.

Anno Domini 1381
A Year in the Life of Sir Geoffrey Peel and the Inhabitants of his Manor
On Campaign and at War
Life on Campaign, Deeds of Arms, and the Trials of Battle
On Campaign
Deeds of Arms
The Day of Battle
Gazetteer of Places Related to the Peel Household
Historical People Related to the Peel Household
Bibiliography - An Introduction to the Period
Bibliography - For Further Reading
La Belle Compagnie - A Short History
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