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   Bartitsu - Historical Self-Defence with a Walking Stick
   (According to Pierre Vigny)

Price: $39.95
Item Number: ATV000007
ISBN: 9783931616533
Published: 2019
Running time: 170 min.
Studio: Agilitas TV
Region: 0
Format: NTSC, Color, Fullscreen
Language: English

Historical Self-Defence with a Walking Stick according to Pierre Vigny
Edward Barton-Wright was one of the first Europeans to learn Ju-Jitsu in Japan. Back in London, he founded a club where he taught the upper class in self-defence. He combined the most effective martial arts of his time: Canne Vigny, boxing, Savate and Ju-Jitsu. In doing so, he pioneered Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). His art of self-defence was named Bartitsu.
The teacher for stick fighting in the Bartitsu Club was Pierre Vigny. He adapted the techniques of classical french stick fighting ("La Canne") for self-defence.


  • Historical background
  • Types of canes and walking sticks
  • Basics and mechanics
  • Attacks
  • Defences in classical La Canne and Canne Vigny
  • Additional techniques and tactics, like locks and throws
  • Countering armed and unarmed attacks
  • Practical application in self-defence situations
  • Drills, exercises and free fencing


Alexander Kiermayer

  • Long-time teacher for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)
  • Long-time teaching experience in various Asian martial arts
  • State-licensed trainer
  • Police trainer

Christoph Reinberger

  • Long-time teacher for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)


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