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   Deeds of Arms


Price: $21.95
Item Number: CB000001
ISBN: 978-1-891448-44-7
Dimensions: 6" x 9" Hardback
Pages: 268
Published: June 2005

During the late Middle Ages men of arms--knights and professional soldiers--exercised themselves in various forms of competitions to both refine their skills and as a matter of national honor. By their deeds these knights not only won fame, but social prestige and wealth achieved by catapulting their names far and wide through the risk of a potentially mortal chivalric feat of arms. These miniature battles were more than just bravado--they established legitimacy for key personalities during the fourteenth century. Steven Muhlberger details these contests, analyzing how their renown was of great political importance. Drawn from an extensive study of all remaining sources from the 14th century, Dr. Muhlberger brings his considerable scholarly expertise together with a knack for accessible writing to produce what will become the definitive work on the subject.

Deed of Arms was originally published by Chivalry Bookshelf, but is now the sole property of their authors and distributed exclusively by Freelance Academy Press. Unfortunately, the remaining copies have some light scuffing on the dust jacket, and bubbling of the glue on the seam of the end papers. Although a perfectly good reading copy and not truly damaged, we consider this to be more a book in Good, but not Very Good or Excellent condition, and thus are offering it at a deep discount from its original, retail price.

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