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History and Chivalry Books


Who were the men who lived by the sword and by the refined chivalric codes of the middle ages, Renaissance and later? What books did these men read, and what philosophies influenced their worldview? Who were the Humanists, and how did the Ancient world inform that of the Renaissance?

Freelance Academy Press offers you history and chivalry books that answer these questions and much more. Our multilingual authors have a passion for the social, political and military history of Europe and the Americas, and scour European libraries for rare and exciting treasures. From the armies of Caesar to the bloody field of Yorktown, Freelance will be bringing you books on topics ranging from historical biographies to military history and chivalry; from annotated reprints to critical translations of ancient texts thus far unavailable.
Discover history and chivalry - Did you know that between 1200 and 1550, knights and men-at-arms numbering in the thousands left substantial traces about their lives, exploits and beliefs? Or that several among them, brutal though they were in battle, took the time to write some of Europe’s most delicate and refined literary works? There is a wealth of compelling stories in our historic and chivalric heritage, and we are proud to bring them to our readers.  
Learn about history and chivalry - Who was Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, and why should we care? What was at the root of so many knights’ struggle between spiritual life and death, and how does this relate to our own soul? How did you actually challenge someone to a duel, and how could you game the system and still ensure you emerged with your honor intact? We are committed to bringing you well-written, exciting titles on subjects such as these, so that you may relive the passions and the emotions that moved our ancestors centuries ago. 
Experience and share the ideas - Freelance does much more than offer you history and chivalry books. It also offers you the opportunity to interact with the authors, watch free videos and read interviews on the historical topics we write about. Also, get free downloads of original or translated works, and learn about the major International venues where you can share these ideas in person with other historians and enthusiasts.
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