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Writing for Freelance Academy Press


The name “Freelance Academy Press” reflects our company’s structure and philosophy. A “free lance” originally meant a knight for hire, and today has come to mean a contracted worker.  A publishing house is built upon the quality and diversity of its catalogue, and that can only be done through a strong partnership with its own freelancers – its authors. Therefore we don’t simply publish a book, we collaborate with our authors to shape and refine their vision into a work that will withstand the test of time.


We believe that at its heart, a press must be about “getting the word out”, not just printing books. Just as the invention of the printing press revolutionized communication over four hundred years ago, rapidly changing technology is today blurring the lines between books, video, and interactive software.  There are more opportunities than ever before for an author to convey his or her thoughts to an ever-expanding audience. 


What We Offer to You


Since we see our role as being educators, we will not simply publish your book; we will support it.  That support extends well beyond the sales and marketing typical of any other press. As one of our authors, you become a lecturer in our “academy”, where we provide an on-going forum to broadcast your message through a host of technologies, including traditional books, e-books, digital downloads, DVDs, podcasts, blogs and a variety of mixed-media training packages.


What We are Looking for in Your Manuscript Proposal

We are pleased to welcome book, video or combined media ideas from both veteran and first-time authors.


We give all proposals serious consideration, evaluating each project on both its own merits, and how it fits into our catalogue.  Besides the perennial question of “is this a good, well-written read”, the other types of questions we ask are:

  • Is the project on an entirely new subject not covered by the current offerings in our catalogue?
  • Is it a fresh look at an old topic?
  • Is it a definitive piece of work on a particular topic?
  • Is it historically significant – does this either break new ground or make a strong challenge to the “accepted wisdom” on an established topic?
  • Is it eagerly anticipated – is there a built in market for this work?
  • Can this project be marketed to a mass audience?

Usually, if we can answer any of those questions with a “yes”, and we believe that the project can be marketed, then we are interested in working with you to see your idea become reality.

For detailed information on how to submit your manuscript, please read through our Submission Guidelines. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.


Please note that since Freelance Academy Press is a small, independent publisher and we only publish a select number of manuscripts each year, we do not offer advances against royalties.


If you have a project that you feel will fit into our program, we will look forward to hearing from you. 

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