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On this page, you'll find links to articles by our authors and contributors on all those subjects that are our shared passion. Visit often to see the latest thoughts, research, and helpful training notes for the Western Martial Arts practitioner.

Captain of Fortune: Galeazzo da Montova by Gregory D. Mele.

Economy and Society in George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire by Ken Mondschein, Ph.D.

Lacaze Sword and Dagger by Ken Mondschein, Ph.D.

Although the pioneering work of Alfred Hutton and Egerton Castle is well-known to students of Historical European Martial Arts, far-fewer are aware of the expansive, and longer-lasting, efforts of their “spiritual heir”, George Dubois (1865 – 1934). Dubois wrote and published extensively, and we are pleased to celebrate this early pioneer by making his Cemment du Defendre, Le Point d’ Honneur et le Duel, and Essai sur l’Escrime: Dague et Rapiere freely available as downloadable PDFs:
Comment se Defendre (1916) presents a notably realistic fusion of Japanese and French self-defence techniques, reminiscent of Barton-Wright’s Bartitsu.
Le Point d’ Honneur et le Duel is a short history of the duel and the code of dueling, particularly as practiced in France.
Essai sur l’Escrime: Dague et Rapiere (1925) was Dubois’ presented an innovative system of competitive fencing with double weapons, which survives to this day.
An Anonymous Dueling Shield Treatise by Christian H. Tobler
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