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   Revelations of Rapier Special Color Hardcover Edition
   And Their Applications to All Martial Sword Combat

Price: $99.95
Item Number: FAP000072
Author(s): Robert Childs
ISBN: 978-1-937439-65-1
Dimensions: B&W Soft cover
Pages: 212 pp.
Published: May 2022
This is a LIMITED RUN of 50 FULL-COLOR, HARD-COVER COPIES! It will take 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.  It includes a special format PDF of the book (So be sure to add the PDF to your order!).

There are a number of “how-to” rapier manuals now available; both those written centuries ago and now presented in modern English translation, or those composed by modern maestri of the sword in emulation of those by-gone works. But there has always been the parallel tradition of the martial treatise, a book that seeks to bestow not just “nuts-and-bolts” mechanical advice, but a philosophy of fencing that shows the swordsman not only the how, but why.

It is this category of work that 30+ year fencer and currently top-ranked rapier fencer, Rob Childs. emulates. After explaining the basics of his own, eclectic system of rapier combat, he walks students through a wide variety of topics: how to choose the proper sword for you; how to fence students of different sizes; physical qualities and emotional temperaments; how to adapt your approach to different contexts (casual matches, competitions and medals matches) while maintaining martial reality; the use of sound, body displacement to deceive the opponent, and the most common tells fencers give and how to train them out of yourself – while using them against your opponent. Interwoven with personal anecdotes, you will gain both a look into the mindset and training paradigm of a world-class competitor, the sort of advice athletes for generations have sought from highly-skilled coaches and be entertained at Childs’ own adventures through the evolving world of historical swordsmanship. Although centered on the rapier, this work is really about fencing writ large and will be of value to anyone who has held a blade and heard the words ‘en garde’!


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