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   Video + PDF: Messer Fighting from the Glasgow Fechtbuch


Price: $8.99
Item Number: FAP000005
Pages: Downloadable Video & 6 page PDF
Published: December 2010
Running time: 15 mins.
Featuring: Christian Tobler, Rob Kelly, Janusz Saba
Format: MP4 & PDF
Language: English

A Concise Curriculum for the Messer 


The "Glasgow Fechtbuch" is an early 16th century compendium of German fighting lore from the tradition of Grandmaster Johannes Liechtenauer. Secreted among its diverse treatises is a short, but thorough, anonymous treatise on the messer, a falchion-like weapon popular in German fight books.
This downloadable .zip file contains a 15 minute video providing and interpretation and instruction for the eleven techniques of the Glasgow messer treatise, plus a 6 page PDF file containing an introduction, transcription, and translation of the treatise.
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Video and PDF document, translated by Christian Henry Tobler 

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