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   German Longsword Poster
   Instructional poster by Roland Warzecha

Price: $8.99
Item Number: WARZ00002
Published: 2011
Artist: Roland Warzecha

“The Thwart Stroke takes

whatever comes from the Roof.

Thwart with the strong,

note your work with this.

Thwart to the Plow;

to the Ox hard together.

He who Thwarts well,

with springing endangers the head"


In these words the Grandmaster Johannes Liechtenauer instructed how to use the Zwerchau or "Thwart Stroke", one of the five Master Strokes of the sword at the center of his art. Through these mnemonic verses, and hundres like them recorded the secrets of the sword, leaving it to later masters to expand on his words with both pen and brush, such as the written commentaries in the Von Danzig Fechtbuch, or the beautifully rendered cuts, thrusts, parries and disarms portrayed in the painted miniatures of Peter Falkner.

Renowned  researcher, swordsman and professional artist Roland Warzecha honors this manuscript's unique blend of martial and artistic magnificence in this beautifully rendered collector's poster, illustrating a series of potential actions flowing from the Zwerchau. Designed with the artistic spirit of old manuscripts and explorer's journals, this 14" X 28" full-color poster is printed on a heavy, durable cardstock, making it ideal for framing.

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