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   The Duellist's Companion
   A training manual for 17th century Italian rapier

Price: $24.95
Item Number: CB000002
Author(s): Guy Windsor
ISBN: 978-1-891448-32-4
Dimensions: 6" x 9" Paperback
Pages: 256
Published: October 2006

The elegant Italian rapier dominated Europe dueling culture from the late 16th - 18th centuries. This book convincingly demonstrates why.

A modern training manual for the 17th century rapier, lavishly illustrated with over 400 photographs, the Duellist's Companion is a complete training system for rapier, the Queen of Weapons. Guy Windsor, author of Mastering the Art of Arms, guides the beginner step by step through developing a sound foundation in rapier fencing, based on the world of Capo Ferro's 1610 masterpiece, Gran Simulacro.

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